How To Have a Mindful Morning

Have you experienced waking up in the morning stormed by thoughts of what needs to be done?
Or maybe you laid down on the bed thinking how messy, meaningless, and exhausting the day went.
If you tend to suffer about these things for a long time. It means that your life lacks rituals &
routine that will bind balance to your day.

How To Have a Mindful Morning

Mindfulness is important to inculcate in everyone’s mornings. It gives us the ability to be fully attended to every word we say, tasks we perform, and actions that we do. The trajectory of its impact goes through our emotions, mental state, productivity, and how we use our energy. It allows us not to be reactive but helps us activate inner peace and let us face life with a fresh mind.

Here are the cornerstones on how to have a mindful morning:


The night before

Set your intentions

clarifying your thoughts and consciously thinking of what you need to get done sets you ahead of the game. Setting goals with intention makes you more effective towards. How you want your day to go gives your day a direction to head on. With these you’ll be more responsible with your actions. Planning things out the night before helps your restless mind to be at ease and have a mindful sleep.

Keep the tools you need near you

Prepare the things and tools that you will use to start your day right. Starting out a new habit can be a little hard especially if your body is not used to doing it. If you want to include running in the morning, bring out all the clothes and gears you need for running. Put them in a place where you can easily see and grab it first thing. By doing these, it will help you increase and boost your drive to get things done. Your mind will think of the effort you put the night before just to accomplish a certain task you set for the day.

Sleep as early as possible

Sleeping has a whole lot of life-changing benefits to our mind, body, and soul. It helps us replenish our systems and reset our day to start with a clean slate the moment you wake up. Our mental state is deeply affected by the longevity of time and effort that we put on resting. If we lack sleep we will definitely feel lethargic the next morning and it will be hard to be in the state of calmness and mindfulness.

Morning Rituals for a Mindful Day

Spiritual Meditation

– Meditation is more just another relation. It allows you explore deep waves of thoughts that are idling inside your brain. Experts say that it creates patterns of brainwaves that promote healing. It helps your joy, calmness, and harmony to flow naturally. Meditation can be done in the form of breathing exercises, music, or guided meditation or a focussed awareness meditation.

Morning Yoga Poses

Yoga is a practice where you can activate your endorphins in a very mindful way. It does not only help you to loosen the tensions in your body after sleeping but also it increases your self-awareness.
Your mind and body is working inwardly and harmonizes your energy with your spirit.

Here are yoga poses that are beneficial in the morning:

Child’s Pose – it helps you stretch your spine, back muscles, hips, shoulders, and neck. It also helps relieve back pain.

Cat-Cow – it helps you warm your body by moving your spine (back) inwardly and outwardly. It helps by opening your lungs while engaging your core at the same time.

Spinal Twist – it stretches the tension in your side body and also helps with stimulating the digestive system.

And there are a lot more poses available online for you to follow on your morning exercise.

Drinking Ginger + Lemon Water

It has anti-inflammatory capabilities that can naturally detoxify your body. It is best said to drink with an empty stomach for our body to fully grasp its benefits on our immune system. Drinking it hot is a great way to be rejuvenated and be replenished in the morning. Adding this to your morning ritual is a good practice of mindfulness.

How intentional could you be on practicing mindfulness every morning? The good thing about having a morning routine is that it is not limited on this list alone. You have the freedom and capability to do the things that you think can help you have a calm & peaceful morning.

Mindfulness takes time and practice to inculcate in our lives daily. It is like exercising our system to be rewired as we potentially enhance our way of thinking, optimism, solitude, and gratitude.

“We are what we repeatedly do..” – Aristotle

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