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Sacred Yoni Massage Course
Sacred Yoni Massage Course (English)
Sacred Yoni Massage Course
Heiliger Yoni Massage Kurs (Deutsch)
Blossoming Into Bliss, 6 video course, FREE

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not! This course is made for you, either single or in a relationship. 

I actually highly recommend to really explore this course for yourself, diving deeper into the exercises and into the exploration of your own sexuality! I had to learn that there is no one out there who can MAKE ME ORGASM. It is my responsibility!

So if you’re single, this course empowers you to become confident and very clear about the things you need in order to experience deeper pleasure and states of bliss.

If you are in a couple, you get all the tools to explore with each other those sacred techniques. Self-practice is the key in Tantra!

I designed this course to give you the best results. It is a course you take in the comfort of your own home, so the pace is up to you! I highly recommend to take your time so you can fully experience all exercises and assignments, to integrate slowly and to change your own patterns in your sexuality. In Tantra, we want to be present with everything that arises.

I know you are very busy. It is also very important that you heal yourself. You will need a minimum of 1 hour a week to complete the course but I really don’t want you to think about the time. If you rush through this course in one afternoon, the full range of benefits won’t be as accessible as when you are taking your time.

Once you enrolled for this course you will get a lifetime access to this course allowing you to repeat it several times and to fully get the benefits from the material provided.

YES. I implemented several options to clarify any questions and to receive feedback. Once you enroll, you will be added to a secret Facebook group that will help you to share your experiences and also to hear from others about how they are moving through the process. 

If you need a more personal approach, I will be available for Skype sessions.

YES, absolutely yes. I created this course in order to help YOU! You will receive many tools on how to work with yourself or with your partner in order to go deeper, into a more relaxed and free space within yourself. I am also always there to support you on your journey.

OH YES! The tantric path and practices open our consciousness to higher realms. No matter how orgasmic and fulfilled you are right now, the tantric path teaches us that there is much more than physical pleasure and orgasms. Orgasms are the first step. We can learn to develop these orgasms in order to go beyond the physical body, into the realm of energy and even Kundalini Rising. This is a fundamental force of our being, which can open us to higher states of consciousness for deeper bliss and deeper personal transformations. We can use this sexual potential and energy for a greater awakening, which allows us to feel more love, more intimacy and more spiritual evolution on all levels of our life.

YES! By you doing the work and receiving all the benefits of these sacred practices, your partner automatically will see the results in you and he will feel it in your lovemaking sessions. Maybe that will ignite his curiosity and opens him to something beyond what he already knows. You can be his inspiration and muse!

Please contact me here for any further questions or concerns or send me an email at

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