How to Fall in Love with Yourself Again

Do you constantly find yourself feeling worthless? Staring at voids wondering what it would be like to just live in another human’s body? Thinking that you are not and will never be enough? It’s hard, isn’t it? It’s difficult to live with a person you don’t love, even harder when it’s you.


I have felt all these things too! For years I was stuck with the same mindset until I finally realized that the solution was to learn how to fall in love with myself again and when I succeeded it was purely worth it! It helped me remain strong as I go through difficulties and taught me to enjoy my own company. It was never easy but with great desire and consistency, these 6 unerring ways will help you learn how to fall in love with yourself again.

1. Speak kindly to yourself

This is what most people are lacking, especially me, when I was still struggling in finding my self-worth I would always speak cruelly to myself. I used to believe what other people have to say. They would always tell me, “you’re not good at it” or “you’re never gonna pass that hurdle, you’re not smart.” And hearing these cruel words over the years made me believe that they were right. I adapted it and told myself the same thing until I realized it’s hindering me from exploring greater things. Speaking kindly to yourself is an important thing to learn and practice, instead of being mean to yourself you can always be gentle and I promise you that it will be your first step in falling in love with yourself!

2. Make room for mistakes
Knowing that you are not perfect and capable of committing mistakes is important. It is an inevitable part of life and you shouldn’t punish yourself for having some. You can always do better next time and when you give yourself enough room for mistakes, you’ll create a bigger understanding of how you don’t always have to stress yourself out over the things that you have no control with.

3. Take yourself out on a date
This is the most fun and enjoyable step. Most people think it’s sad to go out alone without a loved one or a friend but it’s not! It’s fun to go on a date with yourself too! Watch a movie alone, grab that popcorn, and share it with no one but yourself, go shopping, eat in a restaurant, read a book in a café, there’s a lot more! It is an essential step in learning how to enjoy your own company. Knowing that you’re happy with your own space and time is crucial in loving yourself.

4. Practice healthy habits
Practicing healthy habits will play a big role in learning how to fall in love with yourself. Having healthy habits like sleeping early, eating healthy food, drinking enough water, and exercising is a vital way to gain energy and maintain a positive and healthy lifestyle that would lead you to consistently perform all the other steps.

5. Observe toxic traits and change them
I struggled in observing my unhealthy traits too back when I was in the same process but it’s okay! It’s never too late to change for the better. It’s completely normal to have traits that are somewhat unpleasant but WE HAVE TO SEE AND CHANGE IT. It’s not enough to see our toxic traits and just let it fly by the wind, this will give us a struggle in creating healthy relationships with others and when we have a bad relationship with people, believe me, it will be a great hindrance into loving yourself too.

6. Be the kind of person you would definitely fall in love with
We all hold different but almost the same standard in love. We look for qualities; assertive, caring, resilient, gentle, fun, and consistent. We easily fall in love with this kind of person. Why? Because we all want to be loved that way and in order to receive that kind of love, we have to work ourselves and be that person first. Doing this, you will not only attract someone to fall in love with you yet will make you, surely, fall in love with yourself too.

Now, tell me, If you ever meet someone with the said qualities above, wouldn’t you fall in love with them? Just imagine loving someone that is kind to you, forgives, smart, enjoys your company, and is willing to change for the better, isn’t it the kind of person you want to fall in love with? But only this time it is a love story between you and yourself.

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