5 Important tips to follow during and after pregnancy

“Am I eating the right food for my baby?”

“Is this normal to feel this way at this stage?”

“After the baby comes, what am I gonna do then?”

“Would I be a good mother?”

There’s nothing more terrifying and wearying than conceiving a child and being a mother right after. It’s one of the hardest things a woman can encounter. Whether you’re still conceiving the baby or you’re a new mom adjusting to parenthood, you’ll still feel the same amount of fear. Being a parent is never easy that’s why I’m gonna share with you the 5 Important tips to follow during and after pregnancy.

Make sure that you are always healthy and fit

Being fit and healthy are both relevant during and after pregnancy. It is essential for you to take care of your body and make sure that you’re getting the right nutrients you need. This will help you nurture and make the baby healthier. Make the right nutrition plan, exercise, and acquire healthy habits. Do some yoga too! Although doing yoga during pregnancy must require proper knowledge about the right poses. Yoga is very helpful with reducing stress and relaxing your body and muscles. Sustaining a healthy habit will be a big help in your journey!

Educate yourself about pregnancy and its stages

It is not enough to just follow certain advice that you hear anywhere. It is important to grab your own laptop ( not too close though to your belly and max 30 minutes a day) and research about pregnancy and its stages. It is for you to better understand the unusual things that are happening to your body and the unfamiliar feelings that keep coming. It’s crucial that you know these things also to protect your baby and to know if you’re going through the right pregnancy stage.

Small steps and progress

Adjusting to parenthood must be one of the most difficult adjustments one can ever face. 9 months of pregnancy is not the end, it is just the beginning. It is a lifetime of responsibility and sometimes it can be too overwhelming just to think about. So it is necessary to know and acknowledge the fact that sometimes you will make small mistakes but you don’t have to punish yourself. Parenthood is a never ending learning curve. So it is important to not pressure yourself in understanding everything in one push, take small steps at a time. Progress is what you should aim for and not perfection.

Ask for guidance

In this period of your life, it is important that you have significant people to guide you. Being new to parenthood is terrifying, you will keep fearing or wondering if you’re doing the right thing or giving your baby the right amount of food and love. This is why having the right people to guide you is crucial. For instance, if you are struggling with understanding why your baby keeps crying even though you tried feeding or carrying him, you can ask other moms for tips that you could try to make your baby to stop crying. Ask questions and do not be afraid to ask for help especially when you’ve just conceived your baby, you will need a great support system that could help you get through all the new phases that you are not used to.

Postpartum Care

Adjustments after giving childbirth has its challenges especially when you’re a new mom. It is crucial to take care of your baby and to take care of yourself too. After giving birth, alongside the joy you will experience a lot of frustrations, exhaustion, body changes, and sleepless nights too. Talk to a doctor to recognize signs of Postpartum depression or at least educate yourself about it. It is important for you to know so you can reduce the risk of being depressed.

Things that you can do:
-Get plenty of rest
-Seek help
-Eat healthy meals

Conceiving and bringing a child into this world is wearing enough, and so is adjusting to a new world after childbirth. It will seem enormous or complicated but take small steps at a time, keep on seeking for knowledge and eventually the anomalous will turn into a happy routine.

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