How to Stay in Love during Hard Times?

Staying in love can be tough at times especially when dealing with life hurdles. We are not always in the highs of our relationships. Switching to highs and lows is just a normal thing. But for some, it may seem uneasy to be in the moment when you don’t feel like being romantic with your partner or other aspects of your life stress you out. And sometimes we feel like we just can’t handle the relationship anymore.

Facing hard times in every relationship is surely a bothering pain but also a diamond in the rock. It allows you to create a good foundation for you and your partner’s paradise.

Stay in Love

So here are my favorite 4 tools you can implement to stay in love during hard times.

Constant Communication

One of the most important things that you and your partner can implement is a constant connection. Love may grow cold when untouched with words and care. Many people who experience break up have always dealt with unclarified discussion. Our words have power to break or shape up a relationship. If you don’t make time catching up with each other it might be hard for you and your partner to overcome tough times. Make sure you spend time talking to one another and letting each other’s hearts out.

Listen to one another

Most of us want to be heard so a lot of times we unintentionally seek to spill our thoughts out spontaneously. Sometimes we forgot that the person that we loved to talk to needs a chance to be heard as well. Staying in love requires a lot of empathy. Listening allows you to connect on a deeper level that will help you flourish the heights of your love for one another. During hard times, sitting calmly and giving time to listen to each other’s sides ignites the fire that tightens the chain of your bond.


Accepting someone determines the level of your respect for one another. Every person may differ in beliefs and values. That’s why it is important to acknowledge their opinions and gradually embrace each other’s flaws. Most pitfalls that we trip onto our relationships is judgement and pushing to win the argument rather than understanding & accepting. If we want to stay stronger in love we have to treat one another with genuine acceptance and see how it will hold us during hard times.

Encourage each other

Encouraging someone may seem to take a lot of energy and effort to do so. Showing deep care takes time and a combination of the first three that we talked about. Encouraging someone may be in a form of communicating kind words or telling how much you care and support them. Assuring how much you love them and in whatever they did or didn’t do make sure to send them appreciation. Their efforts and the little things they gave matters. When battling with hard times, make sure that you are aware of every word that comes out of your mouth so that you’ll be able to control your emotions and intentionally throw encouragement rather than rage & confusion.

Long lasting love solely depends on how we treat our partners. Life is full of peaks and valleys and this is not to discourage us but to keep us strong as we progress to maturity.

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