How To Manifest Anything You Want in life

I want to have a relationship that will make me feel loved and understood, I want to have my own house in the country of my dreams, I want a new car, happiness…yes, those two words “I want” can either become a motivation or a source of your frustrations.

How To Manifest Anything You Want in life

It is normal for people to desire something that is lacking in their lives. That is why the Law of Attraction is something that we have our eye on to. It is stated that LOA is as simple as focusing on the things that you want to attract in your life. There are several ways to do it but before we walk you through the best practices here are things that you need to know about manifestation.

  • Where you focus your energy on will bounce back to you. Anything around you can be manifested whether united spirit or unforgiveness. You can manifest even the bad thoughts that are just crossing your mind if you are not aware of what you feed yourself . You simply get what you focus on.
  • Next thing to keep in mind is that manifesting for your child nor for your partner is not possible. It is only done individually.
  • When manifesting something make sure to point out the things that might hinder you from attracting such as hanging out with toxic people and feeding your mind with negativity. These things will either slow the process of attracting or you’ll attract negative energy along the way.

Manifesting your dream life is not that complicated. To prepare yourself is to throw all your doubts away and start acting as if you already have it.

Here are different ways to practice manifestation in your life and attract the life that you want.


It is a simple manifesting technique that prompts you to write your desire specifically in a journal as if you are already living that dream.

Start by stating your desire as if you already have it by using words such as “I am” and “I feel”. Write down the emotions and the tangible things that you see along with the desire that you want to attract. Imagine what kind of morning you will wake up on once you acquire that desire. Write it down in details. Everything that you see, the kind of couch that you wanted to buy and even the smell of coffee that you like. Script everything specifically as if you are writing your own story.
Take deep breaths as you write and start radiating the emotions of being on each statement you wrote. Own that feeling and read it out loud to yourself. What you write and speak about becomes your reality.


It is said to be the best practice to control and quiet our mind from negative energy. It purifies our thought life that allows a clean space for us to fill in. It bridges the connection between our mind and body. And make it united to be a powerful weapon to act upon your goals and make it happen. Meditation helps us maintain a high vibrational flow of energy for a long time. Its effect will guide us toward the direction of our desire. It sets us to the right tone of mind and emotion. It allows us to equate the energy of our desires to the level same in our present life.

Create a mental image of your desired self and hyperfocus on every scenario in it. Taking deep breaths and embracing the emotion of actually having that desire at hand will block self-doubt from interfering.


It is one of the most powerful tools for manifestation. It is said that creating vivid and compelling images in our mind can accelerate the success rate of actually achieving it.

To start off you gotta make sure that what you desire is clear and specific. This will prevent you from being distracted from confusion and losing focus. The images of what you desire should be so vivid and detailed so that you can always rehearse it in your present life. Rehearsing a desire means acquiring the same vibration of energy in your daily routine. When you live in the house of your dreams, what will do there? What are the emotions that you will feel being in that dream home? Embrace the energy of that emotion as if you acquired what you have.

Manifestation is a process of acquiring the energy of your desires to your present life. It is a continuous process. Don’t hold back because it requires right timing and momentum to actually happen in your life. Enjoy every moment of attraction and see where it will fly you.

“Expect to manifest everything that you want to manifest”

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