9 Good Parenting Tips

9 Good Parenting Tips You Should Know:

Being a parent is more than just providing the basic needs of a child and raising them. But more about nurturing love, acceptance, growth, resilience and adaptability to change. The most crucial & honorable job that every human could ever experience is parenting. And plays a key role in a child’s overall development.

9 Good Parenting Tips

So here are 9 good parenting tips that can help you sustain your child’s physical, emotional, social and educational needs.

Observe how your kids act and response

It is an opportunity for parents to see how their kids actually behave in a certain scenario. Observation can help you to create a clear vision and a guide that you can use to your own parenting techniques. This will help you provide the right amount of whatever your child needs.

Do not argue in front of your child

Too much exposure to conflict and rage at a very young age can cause trauma and poor self-esteem as they grow up. The negative effect will play over and over to their minds and to dreams and it will cripple their confidence because of fear. Also, as a parent we do not want our delicate kids to accumulate emotions such as anxiousness and sense of hopelessness. We can aspire to cover them with affectionate love and as their parents to set an harmonious example.

Don’t punish kids out of emotion.

Emotional attached discussion can quickly lead to physical abuse. It is normal to get angry with your child when they cross your boundaries. Letting them know that you are angry whenever you do not like what they did can be done in a manner of loving & caring private talk. For this we need to become very clear about our own emotions first, before just reacting in the middle of the storm. Let the storm pass first. This is said to be much more effective rather than spanking them and creating fear based behaviour patterns in your child.

Teach and show empathy to them

Your child’s ability to understand emotions can be trained as young as possible with the right support of their parents. It trains them to respond with care to others and also to themselves. Understanding another perspective brings compassion and great empathy. As a parent your way of connecting to your child should show empathy towards every emotion they experience.

Comment good works

Positive words of encouragement and real appreciation are important as they grow up. Commenting their good works no matter how simple or small it is. It gives them a sense of motivation to do it again or do better next time. Encouraging your kids helps them enhance their self-esteem and allows perseverance to naturally flow in them.

Make time to play

Spending quality time with your kids gives them a sense of security that builds up mental & emotional fortitude. Aside from the benefit of savoring your moment with your kids while they are still young. Playing fun activities with them cultivates deeper comfort in knowing that their parents are the kind of people whom they can share their smiles & heart out with.

Never compare your child to someone else

Comparison can cripple down the confidence of your kid. It flourishes jealousy and self-doubt that drags them down to the pit of hatred and insecurities. As parents it is important to provide a positive environment to our kids so that they can grow unleashing their full potential.

Make family rules and values known

Being a parent is about being objective when it comes to where & how you want to see your kids grow. As the way of living changes and as your family gets bigger things can get a little shaky and disastrous if it is not founded with your own family rules and values. Rules shouldn’t be something that are too strict and too tight with authority. Children will appreciate it more when they feel like their individuality is being considered to your rules & values. As parents we need to put high importance on giving them a sense of belongingness inside our very homes.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself

Of course, the most important tip in this list is to never wear yourself out. Because we all know that you are reading this, are very much willing to give your very best when it comes to the welfare of our children. There’s no such thing as perfect parents. Nobody was even ready for it, no matter how planned things maybe. Only then by experience where we can learn and better our process as an “ideal” parent for our children.

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