7 Simple Self-Care For Every Moms

7 Simple Self Care For Every Moms

Mothers have an innate nature of sacrificial love towards their loved ones. They have this tendency to give up their own happiness just to protect and often prioritize the needs of the people around them. Their hearts and minds are wired to give more and more – all for the sake of their family. Their presence is light and comfort to their kids and partner but when they are weary so are the people who lean to them.

7 Simple Self-Care For Every Moms

So here are mindful ways to better take good care of yourself as a mom.

Get up before everybody else

Being the first one to wake up is beneficial not just for the reason of preparing what needs to be done for the day. But also for the reason of making time for yourself. A typical day of a mother includes physical and emotional exhaustion – we can never blame how caring they could be. So, it is important to start your day right by setting up the mood and wearing the right mindset to embrace beauty and calmness all throughout the day. Morning breeze will empower you during this alone time so that you may be able to reflect and appreciate what you already have and the potential around you. Pursue to take a moment to care for your mind, body, soul.

Read Books or Listen To Podcast

What better way to spend your precious time but to nurture your well-being by discovering new ways of life through reading books about self development. Or maybe give yourself a break from reality and sprinkle your mind with some fantasy romance that will inspire you to love more. Whatever your personal reasons may be, mom should never stop from learning new things. Importantly, reading helps us prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia aside from that it has a capability to reduce all tensions and stresses that are building up inside you.


Well, deny it or not as we grow old our muscles get stiff and our joints awkwardly popping after sitting for too long. Moving too much from a heavy workout may not be that helpful for your busy schedule at home especially when you are juggling work and being a mother at the same time. As you jump early in the morning, it is vital to consider moving your body from head to toe. A little stretch can do more than you expect it to – the flow of healthy blood in your system, those tingling warmth of calmness, and it helps keep endorphins flow naturally within you. ( Not to mention all of the spiritual benefits)


Oftentimes we find ourselves in a free flowing state of mind. Because of spontaneity of actions and follow-throughs our wins and failures are mostly neglected to be resolved or appreciated. Journaling helps you elaborate all the things that are swarming inside your mind. May it be ideas, future plans, or regrets that need to be resolved and let go of – whatever it is. Journaling is an important tool for moms to prevent absorbing tensions that can lead to anxiety & depression. As parents it is important for us to have defined emotions so that we may be able to face our loved ones without transcending them as signals of sadness & confusion.

Connect With Other Moms

Mothers who have a support community are unlikely to become stressed and pessimistic. Having people who share the same perception, goals, interest and burden are vital to one’s success as a parent. It is really hard to sail alone on the journey of parenting. Having your friends around who are also experiencing the same things as you are the people whom you can run to for understanding and comforting advice. These people are like family whom you can trust and learn lessons from.

Go For A walk

Being under the roof for hours can be detrimental for our overall health. Going outside for a walk allows your mind to free itself from any sorts of tasks. It helps you reset your day by inhaling fresh air in your garden, giving your supple skin some vitamins from sunlight, and joy being as one with nature. Mothers, please go out and take some break.

Skin Care Routine

As we all know our skin is the largest organ of a human body. And taking good care of it means that you are very much considerate of your “me-time”. Most mothers are struggling to find balance when it comes to taking care of themselves and their loved ones. As a parent we should grab every opportunity that we can get to take care of ourselves, sit down and steal a moment of relaxation by putting on cucumber under your bags.

Mothers are wired to pour out all they got for their family. But we should be reminded to always fill our cup first so that we may be able to fill other’s cups too without draining ourselves out.

“Fill our own cup first and feed everyone else from the overflow.
We must first nurture and fill our own cup with sweet nectar of self-love,
self-nurture, and self-care.” -Diane Johnson

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