5 Ways To Boost Your Teenage Daughter’s Self-Esteem

Girls in their teenage years are often a rough stage to be in. Expert says that the most confused age of 10 to 23 are prone to suicide and self-inflicted injuries. They are needy and fragile. This is when most developments are occurring in their bodies so is their comparison to one another. As insecurity overwhelms them, peer pressure takes its advantage either to fit in or just seeking for someone to listen as they vomit their emotions out.

As parents we mostly opt to play the blame game. Either we beat our parenting capabilities or point our fingers to their peers. We understood the heaviness you may be feeling right now. And today as we spend your time reading this. We will be giving you ways to understand and truly support your daughter’s self- esteem.

5 Ways To Boost Your Teenage Daughter’s Self-Esteem

Here are 5 ways to boost your teenage daughter’s self-esteem:

Reassure her with your love and support

We all desire to be appreciated and the vacuum inside our heart is quite bigger when you are young. Your daughter might be suffering with this, we will never know. So we need to grab every opportunity that we can get to actually provide to them. People keep on longing and desiring when they are not satisfied with what they are getting. And we don’t want our daughters to look for it in the wrong places.

Show your love and support to her by appreciating even the simplest thing in her actions or the person that she is becoming. Tell her how much you love her. Make her feel that you trust her and you respect her decisions. Teenage daughters have a big heart for appreciating how supportive their family is for them.

Teach them the beauty of acceptance

Acceptance is an act of love that needs practice to flourish. A person can never experience what joy looks like when they do not learn how to accept things in sorts of life.Our daughters will end up disappointed and will continue to seek approval from people around them.

Without acceptance once heart will be filled with passive hatred that can explode to anxiety and depression. As beautifully young they are, our role as parents is to show them what acceptance looks like. A person can only make good decisions when they embraced acceptance of themselves, of others, and things that they can’t control.

Let them know that failure is essential for self- improvement

It is really hard to know what success really means if we do not know what failure is all about. Empowered girls are the most beautiful creation in the world. And oftentimes our daughter’s connote failure as something that will define their whole existence. That they will never undo what they’ve done, and people will call them names because of it.

As parents, our role is to teach them love failing. Let us empower them to take risks and not be afraid to make bold decisions even if they are the only one standing on that side. Tell them that in order for them to fast track getting their goals they need not to be afraid of failing again and again. May our daughter’s learn how to love the process of growing and not just fight blindly for perfection like those they see on social media.

Teach that saying no is not a mean thing

It will ease our parent’s hearts if we see our daughter confidently saying no to abuse. Respect for personal preferences should be trained firstly at home. Teenagers may feel uncomfortable at first but we gotta make sure that they practice and learn it first hand inside the family.

Talk to them personally and ask them if when is actually enough for a certain matter? Do not be afraid to bring up the possibility and hard truth of sexual abuse. As parents it is our responsibility to make them informed.

And lastly,

Never compare her to other girls nor her siblings nor to your past self.

Comparison can cripple their confidence to core. It has two effects on every teenage girl, it’s either they shut the world around them as they live a rebellious life to imply that “I am my own and choose to be myself, this is what I want – deal with it” . Or they will always long for others approval by keeping up with trends and trying their best to fit it with fake friends. Either of the two scenarios will definitely break our hearts as parents. So as young as they are we should always be mindful with whatever that will come out of our mouth for it will either shape them or break them.

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