About Suriya Nitschke

I believe everything we know, feel, and experience is connected.

I live a tantric lifestyle, which is an awareness of our higher purpose and finding connection in everything we do. It’s living in the present moment and dedicating every aspect of life–waking, movement, cleaning, love-making, even preparing lunch–to a greater sense of purpose and connectedness.

I wasn’t always this way. I grew up shy, always looking for someone else to guide me, someone to give my power away to, always searching for others to heal me and make my life better.

And it was painful.

And lonely.

And purposeless.

I often asked, “What am I even doing here?”

Particularly in the area of intimacy with others: my sex life was not healthy or loving, or juicy.

I wanted it to be different. But when I looked around me and asked for help, I couldn’t find it.

Suriya Nitschke

Eventually I found many healing practices like meditation and yoga therapy. I studied every healing modality I could find including homeopathy, iridology, traditional Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, Shiatsu, process-oriented psychology, and reflexology. All of those are wonderful and have their place. They provide healing and lifestyle practices that can create a healthier body and mind.

But there was still something missing. A question I didn’t even know quite how to ask to get this answer I was longing for.

And then I found Yoni Massage.

This sacred work changed everything for me.

It was so transformative that I quickly became a practitioner so I could work with women from all over the world. Thousands of women’s lives have been changed through this type of healing massage.

It unlocks stored trauma and emotions. It teaches us about our own bodies (areas we didn’t even know we had!), our own needs, our own sense of joy, bliss, and pleasure.

It even helps us learn to communicate with our partners around our needs and desires. There is so much we are never taught about ourselves that we NEED to know in order to find that missing piece.

And that’s why I am bringing this opportunity to you.

I want you to be an effective healer in this extremely transformational work. There are so few. I want you to learn, practice, grow, and receive the credibility you need through certification.

Let’s change lives together!

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